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About Us
Los Colores has been providing counseling services for families, couples, individuals and adolescents since 1995. In addition to traditional counseling, Los Colores incorporates creativity as a way of enhancing learning to understand one’s self and others.

Los Colores also provides coaching to individuals and corporations. Coaching focuses on motivating individuals to help overcome hurdles in their everyday and professional life.

What is unique about Los Colores is that it provides bilingual services and can incorporate creative techniques as part of the healing process. Utilization of techniques such as Art Therapy. Also allow clients to play and try-out new situations. In doing so, one can distance one’s self from their problems in order to see them from a different perspective.

If you are unhappy, discontent, feeling empty, anxious, utilizing creativity is a perfect outlet for uncomfortable feelings. The creative process has been known for easing stress, reducing pain and improving emotional and mental health. Being creative does not require being artistic. It requires a willingness to explore the creative process. Therapy gives you the opportunity to take time and to look within. Choosing to get therapy is choosing to understand why you are stuck, unhappy, self-sabotaging.

Therapy provides the opportunity to find, identify, and change the way you feel and act. It is a process where you can understand how thoughts, feelings, behaviors are intertwined. You can better understand what is inhibiting you to move forward.

The goal is to understand what is going on inside your head and to understand how you hurt. Looking within yourself offers the opportunity to become aware of beliefs, fears, hurts, that block you from living life to its fullest. Therapy helps to facilitate change.

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