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I was recommended to Eva by a friend because I was going through a divorce and needed help coping with the changes. She helped me sort out my feelings and helped me grow and move on with my life without guilt or hurt. I would highly recommend her services.
- Jana R.

I was facing immediate deportation to my country. I was put in jail and was in the hands of my lawyer. Thanks to Ms. Szego and her evaluation I was able to remain in the U.S. with my family.
- Hemet C.

Yo tenia muchas problemas con mi familia y no hablo ingles. Soy inmigrante y tenia problemas de estar in este país. La señora Szego me ayudo en poco tiempo a enfrentar mis miedos y conoce mi cultura y habla bien el español. Muchas gracias de su ayuda. Mi vida es ahora más tranquila.
- Consuelo E.

In her presentations, Ms. Szego inspired me to be more creative and self-assured, which is what I needed to help me go through a career change.
- Denise K.