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Eva Szego, M.A., L.P.C. L.M.F.T, ATR-BC, Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Couselor. She is from Venezuela. She is currently a trainer in multi-cultural issues for a variety of organizations and is in private practice. Ms. Szego's experience as an Art Therapist, Administrator, Consultant assists in presenting a variety of seminars and trainings with emphasis on multi-cultural issues. She has exhibited her new art work in galleries in Houston and Washington D.C., Mexico, New York.

BEYOND BARRIERS:  Using Expressive Action Oriented Techniques to Enhance Creativity

Beyond Barriers offers coaching services and training to people and organizations that want to engage fully in their lives and unleash their creativity.
I am an Artist and an Art Therapist. I used to be a ballet dancer and have adapted my dance experience into my art work and therapy. I use imaginative, expressive techniques to assist individuals and companies to access their creative expression in order to reach beyond the obstacles that impede us from achieving our goals.
This model encompasses collage, body expression, dance and puppetry, as well as drama improvisation, all to focus on one’s uniqueness. This program also encourages internal exploration.
These techniques encourage one to express their thoughts and feelings through art and movement. What is unconscious becomes conscious. It encourages flexibility, curiosity and creativity.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to go Beyond Barriers…
Obstacles become challenges to grow…

Beyond Barriers offers a one or two day workshop that gives your group the ability to advance cognitively and innovatively. It encourages us to find creative ways to problem solve situations and explore new options.
Beyond Barriers is also available to individuals in a private session setting. Please call to schedule an appointment.  This program is available in Spanish. Please call to schedule an appointment.